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No-Sew Bunting


This no-sew bunting requires zero sewing skills (hurrah!) and is, instead, made with a little clever use of double-sided fabric interfacing. A neat, no-mess, glue alternative. A simple craft without a sewing machine or needle and thread in sight.

You’ll need:

– Half a metre of lightweight fabric
– Ribbon
– Fabric scissors
– Iron and ironing board
– Baking parchment
– Stencils
– Double sided iron-on fabric interfacing
– Pencil

Rosesforasunday 1


Measure out how many flags your bunting will have, based on the length of your ribbon and size of stencil you’re using. Not an exact science, but will help for the next step…

Take your fabric, and mark out roughly how much of your half meter you’ll need. Between two sheets of baking parchment, take your adhesive interfacing and iron to the back of your chosen material. The baking parchment “sandwich” just ensures you don’t transfer any glue to either your ironing board or plate of the iron!

Once cooled, pencil out your flags using your stencils, remembering you’ll want twice as many as you have flags to form the front and back of each. Cut out with fabric scissors and remove the paper bonding backing (this should peel off easily. If not, leave for half an hour to allow the glue to set and try again).

Forming the Bunting

Leaving some ribbon over hang at the end of your bunting, place the front and back of your first flag on either side of your ribbon. Again, with the parchment paper sandwiching this, take your iron and run over the flag ensuring the two sides neatly fuse and the ribbon adheres at the top.

Repeat with your remaining flags until you reach the end of your ribbon, again allowing for some over hang at the end.

If you want a more decorative finish, you can add buttons, lace, or contrasting fabric with a dot of fabric glue.

Once all the glue is set, you’re ready to hang!


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