The London Series

The London Series | Quill London Modern Calligraphy Workshop


The oldie-worlde art form of letter writing has seen a huge resurgence in the face of bland emails and other modern communication. Yet, receiving a beautifully handwritten letter is one of life’s most precious charms, and this is something that the stationery geniuses at Quill London have captured.

Based in Angel, North London, Quill is every stationery fans’ sweet shop; filled to the brim with pretty notebooks, frame-worthy invitations, feather quills and ink pots and everything in between.

On Sundays it transforms into a bright and airy workspace for novices to try their hand at modern calligraphy.


Lucy Edmonds, founder of Quill, runs the class with incredibly skilled calligrapher Imogen Owen. (If you want to be amazed by her work, just check out her Instagram feed!)

The workshops are kept small which means lots of one-to-one instruction throughout the class. These are, fittingly, held to the soundtrack of Frank Sinatra and other Swing crooners and accompanied by a cup of tea or two (you see, oldie-worlde charm!).

IMG_1733 - Copy

The beginners class is a two hour session designed to guide you through stroke technique, familiarise you with new writing equipment and gradually build up confidence working with an ink pot and quill.

Whether you’re a bride-to-be, wanting to use calligraphy skills in a new venture, or just looking to try something new, you’re sure to be free-hand writing by the end and creating something beautiful.


Equipment is provided and can be taken home – along with all your doodle-ings to evidence your new talent. It is a real test of endurance to see if you can make it out of the shop without wanting to buy everything!




To book a place on a workshop, see: 

Twitter: @QuillLondon
Instagram: @QuillLondon
Facebook: Quill 

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