The Beauty Edit | Pinks for Grown Ups

Pinks for Grown Ups - Roses for a Sunday

I’ll let you into a secret. At last count, I had amassed a collection of nail polishes that stood at well over 100.

With competition high, a few have become notable favourites over the years. I’ve always coveted a rosy hue, but gone are the ill-judged, chrome-effect (thank you, L’Oreal), sparkly nails once favoured by my teenage self. In their place are polished nudes, spring-like flushes and delicate blushes.

Pinks for grown ups.

Christian Dior Lili Roses for a Sunday
Dior, Vernis Couture in Lili (121)

A cool-toned nude for effortlessly polished hands. This was limited edition when launched in late 2014, but can still be found online.

Chanel Vernis May Roses for a Sunday (4)

Chanel, Le Vernis, in May (535)

Chanel has pioneered the “current season” nail colour, revamping theirs every Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer; and introducing must-have limited colours. May was launched alongside April and June back in 2012, but this garden rose pink has stood the test of time, season after season.

London Grace Blossom Roses for a Sunday

London Grace, nail polish in Blossom 

New for 2016, Blossom made its appearance at London Grace salons in celebration of spring. Just like the “darling buds” you’d expect of the season, these polishes contain no nasties.

Pinks for Grown Ups - Roses for a Sunday

Rosé all day, as they say.

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