The Beauty Edit | Eyelash extensions (tried and tested)


For the ultimate “I woke up like this” lashes, read on.

Eyelash extensions create beautiful, fluttery lashes meaning you can go mascara free for up to six weeks. Sounds like a dream, right?

Here are the details you need to know; tried and tested.


Your beautician should provide you with a glue sample 24 hours in advance of your treatment. Patch testing your skin, behind the ear or on your forearm, is really important and will identify any sensitivity or allergy.

No reaction? You’re good to go!

The treatment

Speak to your beautician about the look you’d like to achieve. Personally, I wanted something that still looked natural – “my lashes, but better”, if you like. Whether you want a soft wing to open the eye, a barely there look for a natural flourish, or something really voluminous and dramatic for full on glam, it’s good to go with something in mind (you’ll have them for at least a month!).

Mine were “mink” lashes, which are generally considered the best quality and are, in fact, made of silk.

A full set can take up to an hour to apply as each lash is individually positioned into place. A trained beautician will remove any residue eye make up beforehand, but arriving without any is probably best. You may feel a slight tingle from the glue fumes, but this is otherwise a painless process.

Caring for your new lashes

Avoiding water contact within the first 24 hours of application will allow the bond to set. Lashes will last anywhere between four and six weeks and will naturally drop out over this time. Maintenance is really low (that’s an extra ten minutes in bed, by the way!). Just ensure you don’t use any products containing oil around the eye area, and regularly brush through with a clean spooly.

The result?

That’s it! Forget the traditional ‘strip’ of eyelashes, these fluttery individuals are unidentifiable, even at close range, and are completely weightless. In fact, I’d forgotten I was wearing them!

Two weeks later and I’m definitely encouraged to try them again. Poolside on holiday or for a special occasion, these would be marvellous.


The rest of the look:

Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in Rattan
Benefit rose gold blush in Rockateur
EOS lip balm
Benefit Gimme Brow volumising brow gel in 03
Essie nail polish in Sand Tropez

My full set of lashes were applied by the lovely Beth, founder of The London Dolls. Find her and gorgeous lash studio in Hackney (nearest tube, Bethnal Green).

Thank you for inviting me along!


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