The London Series

The London Series | London’s Most ‘Instagram-able’ Coffee Art


Because, sometimes, it’s okay to Instagram your coffee. #nofilter

fern-about-town-aida-rose-latte (3)

Aida Shoreditch

Find this gorgeous rose latte creation in east end boutique and coffee shop, Aida Shoreditch. A stones throw from the Sunday flower market at Columbia Road.

fern-about-town-aida-rose-latte (2)
Too pretty to drink


Brown and Rosie

Turmeric and Matcha both feature in Brown and Rosie’s signature lattes. Find it in South Ken, en route to the museums along Exhibition Road.

fern-about-town-brown-and-rosie-matcha-tumeric-latte (4)
Mellow Yellow

fern-about-town-farm-girl-latte-art -square

Farm Girl

Trendy Notting Hill is home to many a brunch spot, but Farm Girl wins for most charming coffee art. Their chai latte features Farm Girl’s very own Frenchie, Bronte. (You can follow her puppy pursuits around London via her Instagram – adorable). 

fern-about-town-farm-girl-latte-art (4)
(From left) “Bronte” chai latte and rose latte

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