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Boozy Eton Mess

Fern-about-town (2) Eton Mess

Apparently, 28 tonnes of strawberries are eaten every year during Wimbledon.

This classic Eton Mess is given a naughty twist with the addition of Pimms! As Eton Messes go, they are pretty quick to whip together but always a winner. Traditionalists may wish to use strawberries alone, but the colours and texture of a berry mixture also works.

Fern-about-town (4) Eton Mess

You’ll need:

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries (roughly a punnet of each)
  • 8 meringue nests
  • 280ml double cream
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Pimms No. 1 (to taste)
  • Stand mixer or hand whisk

Whisk up your double cream until thick, at which point start adding your Pimms to taste.

Add your berries (strawberries sliced), keeping a couple aside to decorate at the end. You can also add in a few roughly torn mint leaves at this stage.

Fern-about-town (3) Eton Mess

Break up your meringue nests and, with a gentle hand, combine with the berry and cream mixture.

This is now ready to serve with a sprinkling of a bit more mint, if you wish, and a few berries presented on top. The meringue won’t wait around so this is one to dig into immediately.

This recipe serves six generous portions. Sharing is optional, of course…

Fern-about-town (1) Eton Mess - Sq

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