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Grown Up Ice Cream (Sponsored)


Nothing says summer quite like ice cream. For me, it’s a treat that takes me straight back to childhood holidays, skipping from one Italian gelateria to the next. It was the ultimate lick-the-bowl-clean pudding, rippled with sugar-dusted strawberries at Grandma’s Sunday lunch. And, even today, the distant jingles of Mr. Whippy making his way through the houses has a fond familiarity.

So, what if I said you could recreate the nostalgia of summer memories past, at home? Whats more, with a little drop of something naughty, why not make it… ice cream for grown ups?

With the help of a little Amazon magic, I took delivery of some brilliant products to ensure summer can last that little bit longer, even if the weather says otherwise.

This recipe is a boozy, coconut and pineapple dessert – perfect to whip up at the touch of a button and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser this summer.

fern-about-town-Amazon-nowitssummer (7) COPY
I used the Sage by Heston Blumenthal Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker for this recipe, part of Amazon’s #NowItsSummer shop.

You’ll need:

4 x 160ml cans coconut cream (discard any liquid)
300ml double cream
75ml pineapple juice
25ml vodka
Icing sugar to taste
Desiccated coconut

This particular maker comes with a pre-cool setting to drop the mixing bowl to the optimum temperature for some ice cream making! Simply add your liquid ingredients, twist the dial to your chosen setting (sorbet, gelato, ice cream) and density, and hit start.

fern-about-town-Amazon-nowitssummer (9)
In my version, I’m using this limited edition Ciroc vodka, flavoured with coconut and pineapple. Obviously optional, but this is an adults’ ice cream after all! Just don’t go too heavy, else it won’t set. A white rum would also work well, if you prefer.

About mid-way through churning, add any solid ingredients. I haven’t in my recipe, but you could include fresh pineapple at this stage.

A little more churning, and your ice cream is almost ready! And, speaking of Mr Whippy, the Sage will sing a little jingle to let you know it’s time to dig in!

Grab a spoon… (this one comes with a nifty hood for any spillages!)

fern-about-town-Amazon-nowitssummer (5)
Joseph Joseph dimple non-drip ice-cream scoop

Finish with a final sprinkling of coconut!

fern-about-town-Amazon-nowitssummer (2)

© All photography and views expressed in this blog are my own. For more information, and for details of my editorial policy, please see my blog disclaimer. This post is sponsored by Amazon, and in collaboration with the #NowItsSummer campaign.



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