Home Comforts to Pack for your Travels (Sponsored)

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Being on-the-go, hopping from plane to hotel or just between town and country, it can be difficult to create a sense of familiarity, especially when it comes to your usual home comforts. We all have them, whether it’s a favourite cashmere wrap or just your ceremonial morning cup of tea, there are some habitual things we just don’t want to compromise on whilst away from home.

Over the past 12 months, my travels have taken me from Sydney to Havana, and Santorini to New York. I’ll never turn down the opportunity to travel but, where ever I go in the world, I always like to pack a little piece of home.

In this post, I’ll be sharing a few home comforts of mine that I like to take in my luggage, some of which may be familiar in your own travels.

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I’ve always found that one of the trickier things to maintain whilst away is the same, twice-daily dental routine. I love the feeling of clean teeth, especially being been on the road for any length of time. Using a manual toothbrush when abroad just doesn’t give the same results as at home, so I insist on packing an electric brush.

A clean design means this toothbrush is at home, wherever you are

Mine is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart brush, and it has a few clever design details and smart technology that make it the perfect travel companion.

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Firstly, everything you need fits neatly into a compact travel case. That’s one toothbrush, a choice of two brush heads and even the USB travel charger, removing the need for a (yet another) bulky plug adapter.

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By my logic, that means more space for one more pair of shoes…

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But, even when you’re not travelling, one of the Sonicare’s coolest features is its glass charger. Base plugged into the mains point, the brush powers up simply by sitting in its tumbler. Sorcery!


There are a range of smart brush heads that you can select from, each designed for a different purpose: be it whitening, a deep clean, or gum and tongue care.

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How you brush is completely tailored to your needs, meaning your routine doesn’t change just because you’re travelling.

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Five cleaning modes on the smart brush itself means you can select the cleaning intensity that works best for your routine.

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I found the Philips Sonicare app really useful in monitoring this. Turn on the app before you start your routine and it connects to the brush. Whilst using it, the app lets you know if you’re applying too much pressure, or too much movement, and not letting the brush do it’s work. The on-screen visuals guide you round your selected programme as you brush, and feeds back on any areas that need might need touching up. It’ll even let you know when its nearing time to replace your brush head so, wherever you are, you won’t get caught out.

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The app identifies in yellow areas of your brushing that requires a touch up, so you never miss a spot!

Brushing aside, you’ll also find a number of other home comforts in my luggage.

Fragrance is really closely linked with memory, and I find that a familiar-scented candle can replicate the same cosy ambience as home. Similarly, a little spritz of your current fragrance into your suitcase is a homely reminder when you’re unpacking on the other side.

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At the airport, I also like to pick up a few magazines and usually the same titles found lying around on my coffee table at home. There is something really satisfying about finding a comfortable reading spot and flicking through a favourite glossy or editorial.

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Pyjamas are another home comfort of mine, and I like to have enough to suit all of my travel destination climates.

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For more sentimental reasons, a little travel frame is a sweet touch. To me, it’s the one thing that really makes a generic hotel room feel like a home away from home. Even if it’s just for a fortnight…

© All photography and views expressed in this blog are my own. For more information, and for details of my editorial policy, please see my blog disclaimer. This post is sponsored by Philips, and in collaboration with the #DiamondCleanSmart Philips Sonicare campaign.


fern-about-town-philips-sonicare (3)
This beautiful bathroom is the master en suite of 12 Leinster Square, London.
Developed and managed by Alchemi Group. Interior design by the oh-so talented Laura, founder of Studio L. Doesn’t she have impeccable taste?



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