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The little Grecian island of Mykonos, nestled in the waters of the Aegean and famed for its island breeze, is the summer destination du jour. Let the picturesque corners at every turn of its cobbled thoroughfares invite you to wander on foot and get lost among its many charms…

Mykonos Town

A palette of washed-out white and warm blues is found nestled on the north western shores of the island in Mykonos Town.

Here you’ll find alfresco water-front dining, for an authentic taste of the island’s seafood speciality and meze, of which the most famous is, kopanisti; a local spiced cheese. Linen boutiques, with their crisp white wares hanging at every which way, waft in the Mykonian breeze. And, of course, saunter across to island’s own “Little Venice” to discover the iconic Mykonos windmills; reminiscent of the island’s agricultural past.

A bustling town by day, music fills the air by dusk and this island reveals its livelier side.

  • Catch the sunset and dance into the night at Caprice Bar

Where to Stay

Off the beaten track and high up on the hills of the island you’ll find quiet villas, privately rented with a pool and sea views that stretch the Aegean to neighbouring islands.

In town, the island’s famed celebrity past still greets today’s luxe traveller in style.

Getting around

The island’s small fleet of local taxis are few and far between but have the Aegean Taxi app to hand and skip the queues.

Sundays on the island

… mean Scorpios. This island institute is famed for its Sunday party. Enjoy a leisurely meal under a shaded wicker canopy. Head down to the beach for sunset and wait for the party vibes to set in…

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