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New Brunch on the Block (Sponsored)

Fern-About-Town-Light-And-Free-Kefir (1)

Brunches don’t get much dreamier than those at London’s beautiful Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings. So, pull up a seat and join me, Light & Free and the girl-behind-the-glow nutritionist, Madeleine Shaw, to discover a new addition to your usual avocado and toast…

Our brunch today is in celebration of the new range of kefir drinks by Light & Free. Kefir, if you’re unfamiliar, is a fermented milk drink that is a little like a thin yogurt, without the sweetness and provides a little (actually, quite a big) daily boost of probiotics.  What’s more, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate into your daily lifestyle; on the go, to perk up the 16:30 slump or, indeed, at breakfast.

Shall we tuck in?

Our breakfast began with a quick introduction to the making of kefir (it’s hugely popular in pockets of the world, by the way!) before, of course, sampling the new range from Light & Free. Purists, like me, will love the unadulterated plain kefir, though the range also includes zesty cucumber and lime, and fruity pomegranate and blueberry.

On the menu was a delicious Shakshuka (fast becoming the brunch dish du jour) finished with a drizzle of kefir was an all-round winner, but was equally delicious added to jazz up an everyday granola. A simple glass of kefir is more traditional, but makes for a refreshing alternative to a breakfast smoothie.

Forever the girl on the go, I left breakfast for my next meeting but popped one in my bag for later…

Have you tried it yet?

Fern-About-Town-Light-And-Free-Kefir (5)
A glass half full
Fern-About-Town-Light-And-Free-Kefir (2)
Beautiful setting of Clerkenwell’s Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings

Fern-About-Town-Light-And-Free-Kefir (3)


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This post is in collaboration with Light & Free.

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