Tips to Manage Eczema Prone Skin

It’s thought that one in ten of us will get eczema at some point in our lifetime. Yet, despite being so common, there is no cure. Rather, it is a condition that anyone affected will have to manage over time. If you suffer with eczema, your first port of call should obviously always be your… Continue reading Tips to Manage Eczema Prone Skin


Five Floral Fragrances for Spring

Spring is in the air and with it you might just catch the scent of blooming peonies, wistful wisteria, or honey-sweet blossom. Florals are in their abundance at this time of year and, it also being the season of new beginnings, what better excuse to discover a few new fragrances, with notes of all your… Continue reading Five Floral Fragrances for Spring


A Spring Beauty Refresh

A few Sundays ago, I was passing through one of my favourite neighbourhoods in South Ken and, to my surprise, spotted the first of this year’s cherry blossom buds, just beginning to turn a rosy shade of pink. Despite the wintry London weather, it was a little signal that spring is just around the corner…… Continue reading A Spring Beauty Refresh


An Evening of Beauty with Trinny Woodall

It’s not often that an opportunity presents itself for an introduction to a beauty brand by the entrepreneurial woman behind it. So, when style columnist and all-round fashion expert, Trinny Woodall, invites you to her South Ken HQ for dinner and a play with her newest venture, Trinny London, there was only ever one way… Continue reading An Evening of Beauty with Trinny Woodall

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Christmas Gift Inspiration 2017

A little Christmas gift inspiration to solve those gift-giving dilemmas… from the person who has everything (and more, probably), to the one who is deserving of your sincerest gratitude. Or, for simply delighting in a spot of self-gifting… What to gift: Christmas 2017. Perfume: The New Classic It has been 15 years since Chanel has launched… Continue reading Christmas Gift Inspiration 2017

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First Class luxuries for travelling in Economy

So, you didn’t get an upgrade at check-in (despite your sparkling charm) and, worse still, you’ve been sandwiched in-between two complete strangers… for twelve hours. (Cue awkward toilet dance). Thank goodness, then, for those travel-sized luxuries that instantly upgrade your hand luggage and make your in-flight experience a little more First Class. Here are a… Continue reading First Class luxuries for travelling in Economy