3 Beauty Palette Launches to try this Summer

Summer always makes me want to switch up my usual, neutral-toned palette and incorporate more colour; be it in my wardrobe or indeed make up. A new season also means the arrival of some exciting beauty launches, and there are a few in particular that have caught my eye. Think soft highlights, bold corals, and… Continue reading 3 Beauty Palette Launches to try this Summer


Dressing Room Styling

Bringing you through the keyhole today, as I take you on a little tour of my dressing room and wardrobe. We all know that your home is a reflection of personal style, but perhaps no room is more so than a dressing room! As a style and beauty blogger, my dressing room is often a… Continue reading Dressing Room Styling


Five places to experience Sakura in Japan

Japan erupts in to spring with the arrival of cherry blossom, or ‘Sakura’, in full bloom. It is one of the most celebrated seasons of the year, marked with the jubilant tradition of ‘hanami’, or ‘flower viewing’. The spectacular display of soft pink blooms that sweep the country every year are world-renowned, and steeped in… Continue reading Five places to experience Sakura in Japan


Tips to Manage Eczema Prone Skin

It’s thought that one in ten of us will get eczema at some point in our lifetime. Yet, despite being so common, there is no cure. Rather, it is a condition that anyone affected will have to manage over time. If you suffer with eczema, your first port of call should obviously always be your… Continue reading Tips to Manage Eczema Prone Skin


Diamonds and a Secret Garden Party…

Few things get me more excited than the prospect of brunch, particularly if said brunch is set amongst the ferns and hanging flora of Petersham Nurseries. Better yet is brunch with a side of sparkle, from delicate pendants and precious stones, to twinkly engagement rings. So follow me, fellow magpies, to a little secret garden… Continue reading Diamonds and a Secret Garden Party…


Five Floral Fragrances for Spring

Spring is in the air and with it you might just catch the scent of blooming peonies, wistful wisteria, or honey-sweet blossom. Florals are in their abundance at this time of year and, it also being the season of new beginnings, what better excuse to discover a few new fragrances, with notes of all your… Continue reading Five Floral Fragrances for Spring


The Smart Girls’ Guide to Buying Luxury Handbags

If you’re into style (and I’ll assume you are, given you’re here!) then you, like me, probably have a small penchant for handbags. I read recently that Christies auction house now valued the global pre-owned luxury handbag market at £26m. More of us, it seems, are looking to add a designer piece to our wardrobe. Let’s… Continue reading The Smart Girls’ Guide to Buying Luxury Handbags